Las Vegas Bachelorette Party Itinerary

Vegas Bachelorette Party Guide: Do’s, Don’ts, and Sample Itineraries

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So your bestie or sista-from-anotha-mother is getting married and you’re tasked with planning an epic bachelorette party, yeah?

Great, we’re glad you’ve found this guide. Las Vegas is the ultimate bachelorette party destination — you’ll find parties, debauchery, and over-stimulating excitement all around you. But to have the best bachelorette party, good planning is 100% needed!

First, we’ll walk you through some of our essential do’s and don’ts of bachelorette party planning to ensure your trip goes off without a hitch. Vegas-style bachelorette parties are in a whole other ball game!

Then, we’ll dive into two distinct flavors of bachelorette party itineraries tailored to your group’s dynamic and trip goals—whether you’re all about partying non-stop or prefer a more relaxing getaway by the pools.

The Do’s And Dont’s Of Bachelorette Party Planning (Vegas-Style!)

Palazzo Two Queen Suite
We love The Palazzo’s Two Queen Suite for large groups!

As with most travel, you’re going to want everyone in the group to book their flights and hotel rooms well in advance to secure the best rates. Booking 3-6 months in advance can save up to 30% on airfare and hotel rooms.

We are earlybird planners and book stays at hotels all the time. 8 times out of 10, the hotel rate we book 6+ months in advance is cheaper than any rate closer to the travel date.

Early bookings can mean the difference between paying $140 per night instead of $250 per night. Plus, many hotels on the Strip offer some sort of “Book Early & Save” discounts on room rates.

Plus, if you’re eyeing a large, specialty suite (hotels don’t have too many of these), you’ll have more choices compared to booking last minute.

Lastly, room rates from Sunday night to Thursday night are going to be significantly lower than Friday and Saturday night stays. Do with that what you will, because we totally get that it’s not easy to get workweek days off!

Absinthe Caesars Palace
Absinthe | Courtesy of Caesars Entertainment

For shows, you’ll want to book as soon as you can to make sure everyone can sit together! If you’ve got a group big enough, you could actually score cheaper group rates for shows by calling or emailing the group coordinator!

If you’re planning for any nice group lunches and dinners, be sure to make reservations as soon as everyone confirms their attendance. Nice restaurants in Vegas are not very walk-in friendly, unless you’re showing up as a small group of 2-3 at non-peak hours.

A large group of girls will definitely struggle to get walk-in seating at most high-end restaurants on the Strip! If you find yourself in this boat, we’d suggest prioritizing food halls and casual restaurants over sit-down restaurants.

As a bachelorette party group, you all may actually get quite a few things for free during your trip! If you work with a promoter, you might get comped tables at the clubs, comped or discounted brunches, etc.

However, “comped” does not mean “free”. Not entirely.

With Vegas having such a massive hospitality industry, it’s essential to budget for tips, especially in service-heavy environments like casinos, dayclubs, and nightclubs.

This is especially true if you girls get a table at the dayclub or nightclub! Tipping at the end of the night is expected.

Don’t forget to tip for valet, taxi rides, housekeeping, and at restaurants and bars!

Play Playground Luxor
Play Playground | Courtesy of MGM Resorts

Vegas is not just made up of casinos, dayclubs, and nightclubs. There are actually lots of fun daytime things to do within the hotels and off-Strip.

You’ll find ice bars inside of The LINQ, Mandalay Bay, and The Venetian. Bellagio has its gorgeous seasonal displays at The Conservatory & Botanical Gardens as well as the must-see Fountains of Bellagio show.

There’s not one, but two, immersive museums that’ll make you question reality (Museum of Illusions and Paradox Museum). For some friendly competition, venture over to Play Playground at Luxor Hotel & Casino, where you can battle it out by playing oversized versions of the games from your childhood!

Before finalizing your Vegas bachelorette party itinerary, make sure to check for special events happening during your visit. Keep an eye out for concerts by your favorite artists, special DJ sets, or dance events/concerts at venues like Brooklyn Bowl.

We love the Brooklyn Bowl because they occasionally hold 90’s, 2000’s Hip Hop, Taylor Swift, K-pop, and Emo Nite dance parties — so much fun!

You might even luck out with a music festival coinciding with your dates!

Planning around these events can elevate your Vegas experience and ensure you don’t miss out on something epic during your stay.

Looking for special events in Vegas?

Use our monthly guides to get an idea of the concerts + events held during the month of your potential Vegas trip:


We’ve all seen The Hangover. Those massive rooms? They’ll cost you loads of money. Penthouse suites can easily run you $1-3k per night.

If you don’t have that kind of budget, here’s what you should do instead.

If you want a central party room that’s spacious enough for everyone to gather in for pregaming, you only need to book ONE upgraded suite that’s large enough to accommodate visitors (aim for a room that’s 800+ square feet with a living area).

You can assign this room to the bride-to-be to share with her maid of honor or their close family members. From there, just get standard 2-queen rooms for a majority of the other bachelorette party guests.

Mandalay Bay Beach
Resort fees cover things like the pool, fitness center, Wi-Fi, etc.

When you start doing the math for finding a hotel that fits within the budget everyone’s comfortable with, do NOT just look at the per night rate. Get to the page with the total AFTER all the crazy resort fees have been factored in.

Resort fees can range anywhere from $28 to $50 per night, depending on how bougie/luxurious you get with the hotel. For a 3-night stay, that could mean an extra $84 to $150 per room. Need multiple rooms to fit all the girls? Now you see it adding up!

Traveling on a budget and don’t want to pay all the pesky resort fees? Check out these resort fee-free hotels on or near the Las Vegas Strip.

Chippendales and Magic Mike aren’t your only options. Especially if the bride isn’t interested in seeing half-naked men body-rolling all night!

There are so many other shows that bachelorette parties would have fun at like DiscoShow for a retro dance party, Spice Wannabe for a nostalgic 90s tribute, or Absinthe for a hilariously raunchy and eclectic circus-style performance.

Things happen. People have ever-changing needs. Making every activity and meal mandatory is not the way to go.

That might be way too smothering, especially if people are sleepy or hungover, not interested in the activity, want some alone time, etc. One way to do it is to make dinners mandatory, and daytime/nightlife activities optional.

Heed my warning, don’t waste money buying everyone tickets to a show if you’re going to schedule it for the same day as your visit to the dayclub.

Don’t book or plan ANYTHING big / non-refundable that night. While you may be tempted to plan every minute of the trip, it’s important to leave some downtime for relaxation and, perhaps more importantly… recovery.

You have no idea how some people may get. Some will know how to handle themselves, others will get so drunk that they’ll end up sleeping through the whole night.

There have been many times (in our 20s of course) when we’ve returned to the hotel from the dayclub at around 4pm… and slept until 10:30pm. Had we scheduled dinner or a show for that night, we would have missed it all.

3-Day Bachelorette Party Sample Itinerary #1

LAVO Party Brunch The Venetian
Courtesy of TAO Hospitality Group

The vibe: Do it big and party, party, party

Day 1: Arrival and Vegas Welcome

  • Morning: Check-in at your hotel, buy snacks and drinks, and set up the room for the weekend.
  • Afternoon: Attend a pool party at Encore Beach Club or TAO Beach. Remember to make time for a fat disco nap after!
  • Evening: Have a casual dinner at The Cosmo’s Block 16 Urban Food Hall or ARIA’s Proper Eats Food Hall.
  • Night: Party til sunrise at XS or Marquee nightclub.

Day 2: Iconic Vegas and Nightlife

  • Morning: Get crazy at LAVO’s Party Brunch.
  • Afternoon: Get cool group photos at AREA15’s Omega Mart.
  • Evening: Dinner at Superfrico for a lively “psychedelic” dining experience. Get the all-you-can-drink package for the High Roller Observation Wheel.
  • Night: Catch the free seasonal display at Bellagio and the iconic fountain show. Visit the Neon Museum for vintage Vegas vibes. Burn it down at OMNIA, Zouk, or LIV Nightclub.

Day 3: Fun and Farewell

  • Morning: Enjoy a relaxing spa day at your hotel. Enjoy a buffet with bottomless mimosas at Bacchanal.
  • Afternoon: Get Fat Tuesdays and walk the Strip. Say your final goodbyes!

3-Day Bachelorette Party Sample Itinerary #2

The Spa At Encore
Spa at Encore | Courtesy of Wynn Las Vegas

The vibe: Low-key, R&R, chill, eat good food

Day 1: Arrival and Chill

  • Morning: Check-in at your hotel, buy snacks and drinks, and set up the room for the weekend.
  • Afternoon: Rent a cabana at your hotel’s pool for a leisurely afternoon of casual music and fun.
  • Evening: Check out one of Vegas’ many food halls for dinner. Visit the Neon Museum to explore vintage Vegas.

Day 2: Vegas Relaxation and Entertainment

Day 3: Casual Fun and Farewells

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