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Play Playground, an immersive destination at Luxor Hotel and Casino, offers a 15,000 square-foot gamified experience featuring over 20 larger-than-life nostalgic games. The venue, designed for friendly competition and social media sharing, boasts physical, memory, puzzle, and team games, ensuring an entertaining atmosphere.

Play Playground Luxor

Show Length / Time Needed

90 minutes

Discount Tickets & Promo Codes

Tickets starting at $32 USD + fees

What You Need To Know

Prepare to step into a world of whimsy and wonder at Play Playground, the latest addition to Luxor Hotel and Casino. This fantastical immersive destination spans 15,000 square feet, offering a gamified experience like no other.

Opened in 2024, Play Playground introduces over 20 larger-than-life nostalgic games, creating a magical, high-energy environment for visitors seeking friendly competition and social media-worthy moments.

Designed as a unique blend of physical, memory, puzzle, and team games, Play Playground ensures there’s something for everyone. From Perfect Popper, a game reminiscent of the board game “Perfection,” to Ringer Run, where players navigate a wand through a hanging maze, and Biggle Ball, a collaborative effort to guide a ball through a massive maze—the variety of games promises an entertaining and interactive experience.

The venue caters to all ages until 5:00 PM, so bring the kids and teens here if they love games! After 5:00 PM, Play Playground transforms into an adults-only space, offering a lively evening escape for those seeking a unique entertainment experience. Regardless of age, the entrance requires all guests to purchase a ticket.

And if you’re thinking that this is your run-of-the-mill arcade or VR gaming venue, you’re wrong! Play Playground goes beyond traditional gaming with an absence of VR, AR, or arcade games. Everything within this fantastical space is bespoke, creating a unique blend of entertainment, nostalgia, and social interaction.

The venue features two bars, a VIP mezzanine, and private rentable event spaces.

The gamified adventure is crafted for approximately 90 minutes, allowing participants to immerse themselves in the various games, recharge, and climb the leaderboard.

  • Tickets starting at $32 USD + fees
  • Thursday – Sunday | 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM
  • Friday & Saturday | 12:00 PM – 2:00 AM
  • After 5:00 PM 21+
  • All ages are welcome until 5:00 PM and must be accompanied by an adult. Games are most enjoyable for guests aged 10 and up. After 5:00 PM, Playground access is 21+; all guests must purchase a ticket
  • The experience is crafted for approximately 90 minutes, with opportunities to recharge and climb the leaderboard.

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