Review Guidelines

Here at GoVegasGuide, we review Las Vegas hotels, shows, and attractions regularly and understand the ramifications of our recommendations.

We want to help you make the best decisions on how you spend your time (and money) on your trip to Las Vegas.

That’s why we hold ourselves to the highest standards when making recommendations on the site. If you’re interested in learning more about how we select the products you find in our guides, you can read our review guidelines below.

What We Do:

Here is everything we look for before we recommend a hotel, show, or attraction on our site.

See, stay, and experience them for ourselves

We don’t just rely on online information or third-party sources. We personally visit the hotels, shows, and attractions that we recommend to you. We stay in the rooms, watch the performances, and enjoy the amenities that you will get.

We experience the product or service first-hand, so we can give you honest and accurate reviews.

Extensively scour through user reviews

No matter if it’s the good, the bad, or the ugly, we don’t discriminate. We get that our experience is just one of many, and all experiences are different. Just because we had an amazing stay doesn’t mean everyone is sure to have the same amazingness.

In addition to our firsthand experience, we do research on other people’s experiences to bring you to well-rounded opinions and decisions about the products we recommend.

Keep an eye out for brand reputation and history

Before recommending a new product, hotel, or brand, we dig through their history, reputation, and operations extensively to try and assess the risks for you.

Here are just a few things we look into when considering a new product or brand:

  • Background and track record of the brand
  • Awards, certifications, accreditations, and endorsements that demonstrate the quality and credibility of the brand
  • Complaints, scandals, or controversies that might affect the reputation and trustworthiness of the product or brand

Stay transparent about value and pricing

There are hotels, attractions, and activities for all budgets and lifestyles. We try to cover most of them in our guides, so that you will always have access to a budget option, a “best value for your money” option, and a premium option.

We compare the hotel, product, or service with similar or competing options in the market. We analyze the cost, benefits, and trade-offs of each option.

We also look for discounts, deals, and offers that can save you money, give you a better experience, and provide more value!

What We Don’t Do:

Take sponsorship fees

While brands are out there paying other sites to be featured higher on their review pages, you won’t find any of that nonsense here! We feel that it’s our editorial responsibility to recommend the true “best” product for you because we want you to have a good experience in Vegas!

Post things without thorough research

All of our articles go through a thorough research process before being written and published, and we don’t make recommendations that go against our beliefs. If we have no beliefs about something, we won’t recommend it.

If you find a recommendation on on our site, it’s because we’ve extensively researched it and/or love it for ourselves. With that said, you can trust our advice.

Thanks for being here with us, trusting us, and supporting us!