Budget Friendly Shows In Las Vegas

12 Fun Budget-Friendly Shows In Las Vegas

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Vegas doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Just because you’re mindful of your budget does not mean you have to stick to just the list of free things to do in Vegas.

We’ll admit, there are a lot of expensive things in Vegas. The fact that a single drink at a cocktail bar on the Strip can cost you $20+ is insane. Especially because there are shows on this list that charge just about that much!

What would you rather choose in this scenario — a single cocktail or a show that’ll keep you entertained for about 90 minutes? The choice is EASY.

Here are some of our favorite budget-friendly shows in Las Vegas that won’t leave your wallet crying for mercy.

🏆 Best Under $60

Water-themed like Cirque du Soleil’s “O”
Cheaper than many Cirque shows
A wide variety of acts with acrobats, dancers, aerialists, etc.
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Best Under $40

V – Variety Show
At Miracle Mile Shops (lots of cheap places to dine/drink)
Cheaper than other variety shows (like Cirque du Soleil)
Like “seven shows rolled into one”
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Best Under $25

Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club
At The LINQ (lots of cheap places to dine/drink)
Small, intimate venue
No food/drink minimum
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WOW – The Vegas Spectacular

Why we recommend it: This water-themed variety show features acrobats, dancers, aerialists, and elaborate set designs. It’s a grab-bag performance that offers a similar spectacle to “O” by Cirque du Soleil.

WOW – The Vegas Spectacular is an internationally acclaimed production that’s nothing short of extraordinary. With over 2.5 million viewers worldwide, this extravagant water-themed show is a must-see for families looking for a night of Vegas-style entertainment.

Throughout the show, you’ll experience a world of water, wonder, and fantasy as 30 artists take the stage in a display of talent and creativity. Directed by Hanoch Rosenn (known for his extravagant productions), WOW promises to, well, wow audiences of all ages!

Expect 3D multi-media projections, water walls, holograms, and dazzling choreography by aerialists, acrobats, stunt performers and dancers.

This award-winning production has rightfully earned its accolades, including Best Production Show, Best New Show, Best Family Friendly Show, and Best Value Show in the Best of Las Vegas awards.

  • Type of Show: Variety, Water-Themed
  • Where: Rio Showroom, Rio
  • Show Length: 90 minutes
  • Age Restriction: For audiences 4 years and older
  • Ticket Price: Starting at $49 USD + fees


Why We Recommend It: The feats of mentalism and audience participation make the show so fun and engaging.

Paranormal Horseshoe Las Vegas
Courtesy of PARANORMAL

Before you get all worked up about ghosts and scary things, the show is not related to anything horror — it’s 100% lighthearted fun!

International mentalist Frederic Da Silva showcases the powers of his mind in his renowned show PARANORMAL. Experience an afternoon of mystery, magic, hypnosis, and mind-reading that will leave you astonished and amazed.

But first, who is Frederic Da Silva? Frederic Da Silva is a mentalist who brings a wealth of accolades to the stage, including the prestigious title of “Best Mentalist in Europe” and a history of mesmerizing audiences on France’s Got Talent.

  • Type of Show: Magic, Mentalist
  • Where: Horseshoe Las Vegas
  • Show Length: 75 minutes
  • Age Restriction: Must be 5 years of age or older
  • Ticket Price: Starting at $28 USD + fees

Mat Franco – Magic Reinvented Nightly

Why we recommend it: Mat Franco’s charming personality and illusions create an evening that feels both intimate and spectacular.

Mat Franco Magic Reinvented Las Vegas

Prepare for a night of creative magic as Mat Franco — aka “the magician who changed the game” — takes the stage at The LINQ Hotel. Hailed as the top show in town by Forbes, Franco’s immersive live performance blends interactive magic and illusions.

While “superstar” magicians like David Copperfield and Criss Angel focus on grand stunts and illusions, Mat Franco’s show features a blend of innovative, close-up magic and comedy, with a strong emphasis on card tricks and audience interaction.

As the first magician to win America’s Got Talent, Mat Franco brings a fresh perspective to the genre of magic, leaving audiences every night awe-struck with his unique tricks and creations.

  • Type of Show: Magic
  • Where: LINQ Hotel + Experience
  • Show Length: 90 minutes
  • Age Restriction: For audiences 5 years and older
  • Ticket Price: Starting at $49 USD + fees

Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club

Why we recommend it: Comedy shows are the cheapest types of shows in Vegas, and laughing is great for your health!

Jimmy Kimmel Comedy Club
Courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Comedy Club

Comedy shows are a great way to get some live entertainment while spending minimal money. In fact, this is the cheapest show option we have on this list!

Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club is the epitome of laughter and entertainment in Las Vegas! This premier venue, curated by the comedic genius himself, brings together the brightest stars in stand-up comedy, alongside emerging talents from across the nation.

With a rotating lineup of top-tier comedians, both established and rising, Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club stands as a hotspot for comedy enthusiasts.

The amazing thing is that there are no minimum drink/food requirements. You can just sit down and enjoy the show!

  • Show Type: Comedy
  • Where: Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club, LINQ Hotel + Experience
  • Show Length: 75 – 90 minutes
  • Age Restriction: Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Ticket Price: Starting at $20 USD + fees

V – The Ultimate Variety Show

Why we recommend it: This show combines magic, special effects, death-defying stunts, comedy, and a variety of acts from around the world.

V Ulatimate Variety Show
Courtesy of V Show

V – The Ultimate Variety Show is like a buffet of talent, offering a little bit of everything packed into one high-energy performance.

Featuring a rotating cast of performers, including comedy, magic, dare-devil stunts, and other specialty acts, this show promises an unforgettable show. From death-defying stunts by the Skating Aratas to captivating drum routines by The Crazy Gauchos, each performance promises to either have you at the edge of your seat or leave you breathless.

Critics have hailed it as “seven shows rolled into one”, which alone tells you that this is the perfect Las Vegas variety show for everyone in your party!

  • Type of Show: Variety
  • Where: V Theater, Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood
  • Show Length: 75 minutes
  • Age Restriction: For audiences 5 years and older
  • Ticket Price: Starting at $39 USD + fees

Cirque du Soleil: Mad Apple

Why we recommend it: It’s one of the cheapest Cirque du Soleil show options, and we all know that Cirque shows are quite impressive!

Cirque du Soleil Mad Apple Las Vegas
Courtesy of Cirque du Soleil

Mad Apple is a unique concoction of New York-inspired magic that brings the city that never sleeps to the heart of Las Vegas!

This Cirque du Soleil variety show has it all: high-flying acrobatics, music, dance, and even comedy. The dynamic cast of 48 members from around the world includes underground stars, high-flying acrobats, street performers, and the biggest musical sensations that New York has to offer.

  • Type of Show: Variety, Cirque du Soleil
  • Where: New York – New York Hotel & Casino
  • Show Length: 80 minutes – No intermission
  • Age Restriction: Guests under 18 are not permitted
  • Ticket Price: Starting at $49 USD + fees


Why we recommend it: This show celebrates the classic Vegas entertainment scene with a mix of dance numbers, acrobatics, and tribute acts to legendary performers.

Vegas The Show
Courtesy of Vegas! The Show

Step into the glamour and glitz of old-time Vegas with VEGAS! THE SHOW, featuring showgirls, Broadway-style singers, dancers, and a live big band. Experience the story of how it all began, paying homage to The Rat Pack, Elvis, Gladys Knight & The Pips, and more.

From the colorful showgirls to the powerhouse singers and dynamic dancers, this production takes you on a musical journey through the decades, celebrating the legendary performers who defined Las Vegas as the “Entertainment Capital of the World”.

With elaborate costumes, booming musical numbers, and a classic Vegas vibe, this show is a nostalgic tribute to the city’s rich entertainment history.

  • Type of Show: Variety, Musical
  • Where: Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood
  • Show Length: 75 minutes
  • Age Restriction: No age restriction
  • Ticket Price: Starting at $49 USD + fees

Spice Wannabe: The Spice Girls Tribute

Why we recommend it: The performances and spot-on impersonations bring back the fun and nostalgia of the ’90s in a feel-good show.

Spice Wannabe Las Vegas
Courtesy of SPI Entertainment

SPICE WANNABE – The Spice Girls Tribute revives the spirit of the 90s, paying homage to the legendary Spice Girls, the best-selling girl group in history.

This interactive concert event, perfect for anyone who’s ever had their life “spiced up” by the Spice Girls, takes place at the Thunderland Showroom.

Expect a super fun night featuring five-part harmonies, authentic choreography, iconic costumes, and of course the unmistakable charm of British accents!

  • Show Type: Tribute, Concert
  • Where: Excalibur
  • Show Length: 70 minutes – No intermission
  • Age Restriction: 5 years and older
  • Ticket Price: Starting at $35 USD + fees

RuPaul’s Drag Race LIVE! 

Why we recommend it: You can live out your reality TV dreams at this high-energy production. 

RuPauls Drag Show Live Las Vegas

Experience the glitz, glamour, and high-energy extravaganza of RuPaul’s Drag Race Live!, the ultimate Las Vegas show brought to you by the Emmy Award-winning team behind RuPaul’s Drag Race. A dazzling blend of outrageous comedy, jaw-dropping fashions, and show-stopping performances awaits you.

Charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent will be brought to the stage by a rotating cast of the world’s most famous drag show queens including Aquaria, Asia O’Hara, Derrick Barry, Eureka O’Hara, Jaida Essence Hall and Jorgeous.

Before showtime, be sure to head to RuPaul’s Werk Room for an eleganza extravaganza where you can treat yourself to a makeover, meet the performers, and explore all the unique merchandise and curated drag-chic finds.

  • Show Type: Drag
  • Where: Flamingo Las Vegas
  • Show Length: 90 minutes
  • Ticket Price: Starting at $49 USD + fees

MJ Live

Why we recommend it: A tribute show to the King of Pop. It’s a great, budget-friendly alternative to Michael Jackson ONE.

MJ LIVE Tropicana
Courtesy of SAHARA Las Vegas

Where else in the world would you find not one, but two different Michael Jackson-themed shows? Only in Vegas, that’s where!

If Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson ONE is too hard on the wallet, consider catching MJ LIVE instead. This concert-style show the #1 Michael Jackson tribute show globally, brings the magic of the King of Pop to life on stage. From iconic moves like the moonwalk to timeless hits such as “Thriller” and “Beat It,” the show features spectacular effects, a live band, and MJ LIVE dancers.

  • Type of Show: Tribute, Musical
  • Where: SAHARA Las Vegas
  • Show Length: 70 minutes
  • Age Restriction: For audiences 5 years and older
  • Ticket Price: Starting at $45 USD + fees

Zombie Burlesque

Why we recommend it: An odd, quirky, and risqué burlesque show with a zombie twist. Great for people who want to experience anything but normal!

Zombie Burlesque Show Las Vegas
Courtesy of Zombie Burlesque

Zombie Burlesque is a unique, only-in-Vegas option for those of you who want a skin-teasing show with a side of weird. I know what you’re thinking… Zombie Burlesque — what?? And why??

Zombie Burlesque may sound like a truly odd combination at first glance, but its longevity in Las Vegas speaks volumes about its unique charm and entertainment value. This odd combination of a show offers a quirky blend of comedy, music, burlesque, and dance that just seems to work.

At Club Z, you’ll be treated to homages of classic horror movies performed by beautiful (and “dead” sexy) women, alongside impressive feats of balance and strength by skilled performers.

  • Type of Show: Adult, Dance
  • Where: Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood
  • Show Length: 75 minutes – No intermission
  • Age Restriction: Must be 16 years of age or older
  • Ticket Price: Starting at $49 USD + fees

Penn & Teller

Why we recommend it: Penn & Teller’s fun tricks and even more fun banter are so entertaining to watch.

Penn and Teller Rio
Courtesy of Penn & Teller

Penn & Teller, the legendary magical duo, redefines the rules of magic in their multi-award-winning show at the Rio Hotel & Casino. With over 40 years of experience on the stage together, the duo is known for punchy acts with a unique blend of comedy and magic.

As the longest-running headliners in Vegas history, the show put on by these “Bad Boys of Magic” includes elements of classic magic, though the majority of their show is marked by creativity and innovation.

The whole family will be taken on a journey where laughter intertwines with awe, making it a quintessential Vegas experience. Be sure to hang out in the lobby after the show because the stars are known to make an appearance and even pose for pictures with their guests!

  • Type of Show: Magic, Comedy
  • Where: Rio
  • Show Length: 90 minutes – No intermission
  • Age Restriction: For audiences 5 years and older
  • Ticket Price: Starting at $76 USD + fees

How To Score Discounts On Show Tickets

Group sales

If you’ve got a group big enough, you could actually score cheaper rates for show tickets and other things of that nature. For example, many shows that are part of Caesars Entertainment offer group rates for groups of 21 or more people.

You’ll have to call/email to ask about these rates though. The “group sales” representative has more flexibility on prices than those sold on a Ticketmaster webpage.

Some venues offer 10-20% discounts for groups, so with these group discounts, you can save $20-$30 per person per show.

Don’t have that many people in your group? You can still get discounts on shows!

Here’s a handy dandy page of all of the current offers for discounted shows/attractions at Caesars properties.


For discounted tickets to Las Vegas shows, Groupon is a fantastic resource. Simply browse their website’s current offerings to find deals on a variety of performances, from headliner concerts to magic shows.


Tix4Vegas offers last-minute discounts on Las Vegas show tickets, making it a great option for spontaneous plans. They do online ticket sales and also offer in-person sales via Tix4Vegas kiosks on the Strip.

Visit one of their several locations on the Strip to see what deals are available for same-day shows. While you can often find slight savings, seating is usually assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, which means you and your group might not be able to fully sit together.

And as always, be sure to check out our promos page for all the latest discounts/promos on things to do, food/drink, hotels, and more.

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