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Penn & Teller, the legendary magical duo, redefine the rules of magic in their Emmy, Obie, and Writer’s Guild Award-winning show at the Rio Hotel & Casino. As the longest-running headliners in Vegas history, these “Bad Boys of Magic” offer decades of showmanship with new creative twists.


Penn & Teller Theater, Rio

Show Length / Time Needed

90 minutes

Discount Tickets & Promo Codes

Tickets starting at $76 USD + fees

What You Need To Know

Step into the extraordinary world of Penn & Teller, where the boundaries of magic are not just pushed but shattered!

Performing at the Rio Hotel & Casino in their recently renovated theater, this dynamic duo brings a show that is as comedic as it is mind-bending. The spacious theater accommodates nearly 1,500 audience members, ensuring an intimate yet grand experience.

Penn & Teller are not your conventional magicians; they proudly break the cardinal rules of magic, revealing some tricks while leaving others to captivate and mystify.

The tall, lanky Penn, with his witty commentary, serves as the perfect narrator, providing a comedic touch to every act. In contrast, Teller, the silent partner, takes charge of the show’s action, seamlessly blending sleight of hand with innovative and sometimes macabre tricks.

During the show, you’ll get a perfect synergy between Penn and Teller, creating a storm of comedy, magic, and entertainment. While some elements nod to classic magic, the majority of their repertoire is marked by creativity and innovation. The audience is taken on a journey where laughter intertwines with awe, making it a quintessential Vegas experience.

Penn & Teller’s influence extends beyond the stage; their CW TV show “Penn & Teller: Fool Us” has propelled numerous magicians into the limelight. With successful Broadway runs and sold-out international tours, they have secured a place in magical history.

  • Tickets starting at $76 USD + fees
  • 90 minutes – No intermission
  • For audiences 5 years and older
  • No flash, cameras, audio, or video recording. Weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited.

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