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LIMITLESS is the newest and most exciting magic show in the world. Starring Shin Lim, the only person ever to win ‘America’s Got Talent’ TWICE, you will be mesmerized by his incredible sleight of hand and his ability to manipulate objects like a modern-day wizard.

Shin Lim Las Vegas


The Mirage Theater, The Mirage

Show Length / Time Needed

90 minutes

Discount Tickets & Promo Codes

Tickets starting at $54 USD + fees

What You Need To Know

Step into the intimate Mirage Theater and prepare to be amazed as master magician Shin Lim takes the stage in his spellbinding show Shin Lim: LIMITLESS. While YouTube may have taught us random skills like squirrel waterskiing, Shin Lim honed his talents on the video platform to become a world-class magician.

His card manipulation routines are unmatched in their precision and grace. Lim’s act goes beyond simple card tricks – through meticulous choreography and sleight of hand, he creates stunning visual spectacles that seem to defy physics. You’ll witness Lim’s legendary dexterity up-close as he makes cards appear, vanish, and transform seemingly at will.

Lim first caught the magic world’s eye by fooling the legendary duo Penn & Teller on their show. But his big break came when he won season 13 of America’s Got Talent, wowing the judges with innovative card magic never before seen on the show. He cemented his fame by returning to win America’s Got Talent: The Champions, proving his first victory was no fluke.

Now, you can see this contemporary magic sensation live in Las Vegas. Alongside his unmatched technical skills, Lim’s boyish charm makes for an endearing performance that connects with the crowd. Prepare to be transported to a realm where anything seems possible as Shin Lim redefines the limits of magic!

  • Tickets starting at $54 USD + fees
  • 90 minutes – No intermission
  • Group offers available
  • Meet and Greet packages are available
  • Playing Mondays, Thursdays through Sundays | 7:30PM
  • For ages 5 and older

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