Ghost Donkey at The Cosmopolitan

10 Secret Bars And Speakeasies On The Las Vegas Strip (+ Where To Find Them!)

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Looking for cool bars with a touch of mystery and exclusivity? Las Vegas is filled with hidden gems that take the simple act of drinking to an entirely new level.

But regular bars are for regular people. If a speakeasy experience is what you’re after, the Las Vegas Strip is definitely the place to be.

These speakeasies and secret bars offer not just swanky and creative drinks, but also incredibly immersive experiences, blending the best of Las Vegas history, culture, and entertainment. From wacky and whimsical to classy and sophisticated, these hidden spots are well worth a visit.

The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails

Where: The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails Cosmopolitan
Courtesy of Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Get groomed and get your drink on at The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails, where retro vibes meet modern mixology. This Las Vegas speakeasy is a swanky lounge that’s a barbershop by day and a bustling bar by night.

To access the bar, head into the barbershop and find the white “Janitor” door by the restrooms. Then, enter! You’ll immediately be transported to a luxurious feeling prohibition-era bar that offers a wide selection of whiskeys.

Live bands perform every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in an intimate setting. They also have Faded Karaoke nights on Tuesday if that’s more your style.

Don’t forget to strike a pose in their vintage-inspired photo booth before heading out for the night.

Ski Lodge

Where: The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

The Ski Lodge at The Cosmopolitan will whisk you away to an alpine retreat… no matter what the weather is outside. It can be Christmas anytime for you — if you know where to find it.

Once inside, expect all the witner cabin vibes! You’ll also be greeted with the city’s most sophisticated cocktail and pizza program, curated by renowned mixologists Leo Robitschek and Mauro Villalobos, and crafted by Chef Anthony Falco.

Whether you’re sipping on a seasonally-inspired cocktail, stuffing your face with a frico-crusted square pizza, or cooking s’mores over your personal campfire pot, every moment at The Ski Lodge promises to be totally fun.

To get there, head to the second floor of the Chelsea Tower next to Superfrico. Look for a door that exudes… winter skiing vibes. The door resembles a wooden ski lodge entrance. Just remember, this winter oasis is open to guests 21 and over only.

Ghost Donkey

Where: The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Ghost Donkey at The Cosmopolitan
Courtesy of Ghost Donkey

Ghost Donkey is yet another speakeasy concept inside of The Cosmo. At this point, are you even surprised? There are so many “hidden” experiences within the resort!

This tequila and mezcal lounge features a menu inspired by the alluring ingredients and flavors of Mexico, creating a true fiesta-like experience. We recommend you pair your tasting flight or cocktail with their signature Truffle Nachos to elevate your experience that much more.

Need help locating Ghost Donkey? Head to the back of Block 16 and look for the door that has a colorful donkey painted on it. The food hall is on the second floor of the Boulevard Tower.

1923 Prohibition Bar

Where: Mandalay Bay

1923 Prohibition Bar Mandalay Bay

If you’re looking for a fun, speakeasy-style experience at Mandalay Bay, do not miss the quaint 1923 Prohibition Bar (located inside The Shoppes at Mandalay Bay). This hidden-in-plain-sight bar takes you back to the roaring 20s, complete with period-specific decor, live jazz music, and classic cocktails!

The bar’s menu features a variety of classic cocktails, including the Old Fashioned, Mint Julep, and Sazerac, as well as some signature drinks, such as the Gatsby’s Gin Fiz, Tajin Temptation, and the Speakeasy Strange Rush.

If you’re an Old-Fashioned connoisseur (we’re referring to the cocktail), they offer a good amount of specialty Old-Fashioned’s to choose from. When we went, there was a Maple Bacon Old-Fasioned, Butter Pecan Old-Fasioned, and even a PB&J Old-Fasioned! Fancy a flight of bourbon instead? They’ve got tasting flights too.

To get there, it’s really not hard at all. Just look out for the random, slightly closed door (you’ll need to push against a ‘wall’ to get in). You’ll almost forget you were just inside of a mall!

PRO TIP: Looking for other bars at the Mandalay Bay to try after this one? You’ll find a lot of cool options, like minus5 Ice Bar, Foundation Room (rooftop), and Skyfall Lounge (rooftop)!

Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den

Where: Resorts World

Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den Resorts World
Courtesy of Resorts World

If you’re closer to the northern end of the Strip, head to Resorts World’s Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den — discretely tucked away in Famous Foods.

This spot is for people who appreciate the art of mixology. It’s also got your classic speakeasy vibes — dimly lit corners, classic leather seats, and an air of sophistication that whispers exclusivity.

The unmissable experience? Let the skilled mixologists surprise you with the Bartender’s Choice. You pick the spirit, the bartender makes you a surprise drink. Drinks are on the pricier end here, starting at $21 a pop, but for the art of mixology, they just might be worth it!

To find Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den at Resorts World, enter the casino and head towards the Famous Foods Street Eats area. Look for the Ms. Meow’s Mamak Stall, a food stall facade, and discreetly slip through the unmarked door to uncover the hidden speakeasy behind it.


Where: ARIA Resort & Casino

For those with a passion for speakeasies and finely crafted cocktails, Easy’s Cocktail Lounge is a must-visit. Tucked away behind an unassuming donut shop, this hidden gem offers an intimate environment with a classic vibe reminiscent of the 1920s.

Easy’s is a whole vibe. It’s a beautifully crafted space featuring plush velvet seating and a throwback energy that instantly makes you feel part of a secret society. There’s live music nightly, which helps to set the mood! Genres of live music performances range from jazz to blues and everything in between.

The drinks here are next level. Expect elusive spirits new to the market and perfectly poured cocktails exclusive to Easy’s, all designed by a master mixologist. If you’re open to splurging, get something off the Showstoppers menu — these whimsical cocktail creations will set you back $50 a pop, but they’re going to be unforgettable that’s for sure.

Easy’s is discreetly located in Proper Eats Food Hall on the second floor behind that donut shop door.


Where: Fontainebleau Las Vegas

Nowhere Fontainebleau
Courtesy of Fontainebleau

The name might suggest… not much, but the experience is anything but forgettable. This speakeasy offers a unique departure from the norm with its swanky, large room stylishly decorated in warm hues and plush banquettes.

Enjoy live entertainment from 8 PM to 12 AM Sunday to Thursday, and 9 PM to 1 AM Friday and Saturday. The live jazz is worth the visit alone! From up-close illusions and backgammon to tarot readings, the venue offers a variety of unique entertainments that keep each visit fresh and exciting. Really, no two visits will ever feel the same or feel stale!

Proper trendy attire is required to enter this tucked away spot. To find Nowhere at Fontainebleau Las Vegas, head to the main lobby. Look for the discreet entrance tucked away on the second floor near the spa. Follow the subtle signs or ask a concierge for guidance to uncover this exclusive speakeasy!

Cabinet of Curiosities Bar and Lounge

Where: Horseshoe Las Vegas

Cabinet of Curiosities Las Vegas

Have you ever wanted to drink while staring at the most curious specimens in existence? That’s Cabinet of Curiosities for ya. This bespoke bar and lounge is filled with the most unusual items.

If that sounds like the perfect setting for enjoying a cocktail or two, head straight for this bar! Each cabinet is filled with oddities from around the world, making every visit an adventure. Enjoy your favorite cocktail while solving puzzles in this quirky, walk-in-friendly venue.

For an extra-exclusive experience, make a reservation to The Lock, a speakeasy hidden inside The Cabinet of Curiosities. As if the venue could get any better, right?

The key to this reserved Speakeasy is found only after discovering its hidden entrance. You’ll need to pick up a vintage-looking telephone to receive instructions on how to enter the space. A Locksmith will assist you in cracking the codes for admission!

Speakeasy at The Mob Museum

Where: 300 Stewart Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101 (Downtown Las Vegas)

Mob Museum Las Vegas
Courtesy of The Mob Museum

The Mob Museum is a must-visit for anyone interested in the history of mobs, organized crime, and law enforcement. What most people don’t know is that The Mob Museum is so much more than a place to learn about mob history.

Inside, you’ll find a cool distillery where you can take a fun tour and taste different spirits, including their own moonshine. This moonshine is the real deal—made with 100% corn and bottled at a strong 50% ABV.

There’s also a speakeasy that feels straight out of the Prohibition era, where you can sip on amazing cocktails in a hidden, vintage bar. With all that fun housed inside just one spot, The Mob Museum is a no-brainer when it comes to a great daytime activity.

Velveteen Rabbit

Where: 1218 S Main St, Las Vegas, NV 89104 (Downtown Las Vegas)

Founded by sisters Pamela and Christina Dylag, Velveteen Rabbit is a charming craft cocktail and beer bar in Las Vegas’ Arts District. Despite having no prior bar industry experience, the Dylag sisters created this unique haven away from the typical brass bars that dominate the Vegas Strip.

While, yes, it’s not located directly on the Strip, Velveteen Rabbit is just a short trip away and well worth the visit!

The cocktail menu changes seasonally, featuring fresh produce and house-made ingredients. The bar also offers a range of specialty beers with a rotating selection of eight taps and bottled options.

The space boasts local art, boutique spirits, vintage furniture, and a magical pink outdoor patio with a photo booth. Seriously, it’s cuteness overload. These ladies have also curated the cutest IG photos ever — please do yourself a favor and look… soak up all the aesthetic because it’s dripping with it!

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