10 Best Late Night Eats In Las Vegas Off The Strip

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The terms “late-night” and “Las Vegas” go hand in hand. You can hardly ever talk about one without the other!

No matter the time of day, something will always be open. Like the casinos! With all those people wide awake either from gambling the night away, partying it up all night, students studying their butts off well into the night, or locals getting off of their graveyard shifts, there are always hungry people in search of food.

Papu and I personally fall into the last three categories. I’ve had countless numbers of late-night meals in Vegas after dancing the night away, while Papu has studied, worked, and partied there during his many UNLV years. With all of our prior late-night dining experiences, we’ve crafted a list of our favorite late-night eats in Las Vegas for you!

All of these are going to be located off the Las Vegas Strip because let’s face it, there are way better options off-Strip than on the Strip after midnight.

For late-night tacos, Tacos El Gordo is a must. For KBBQ, Hwaro is going to be your best bet. Those of you feeling bougie after midnight can get half-off steaks, seafood, and pastas at Herbs & Rye. And for cheap-as-heck steak and eggs, head to South Point!

And we’re just getting started… keep reading to discover the rest of the best late-night restaurants in Vegas off the Strip.

Here’s a handy little map to get you started when you’re ready to hop in the car to satisfy those late-night munchies. We’ve even included a few joints on the Strip in case you’re looking for those too.

Tacos El Gordo

Tacos El Gordo Las Vegas

Tacos El Gordo is a legendary taco spot in Las Vegas, loved for its late-night hours, a convenient location on the Strip (there are others off-Strip too), and amazing Tijuana-style tacos. Originating from California, this iconic street taco chain has carved a niche for itself by delivering authentic and mouthwatering tacos that have earned them a devoted following!

Founded in 1972 in Tijuana, Tacos El Gordo expanded its presence to the San Diego area before making its mark in Las Vegas.

The most iconic thing to get at Tacos El Gordo is the “Adobada” taco. This creation features thinly sliced marinated pork, traditionally cooked on a vertical spit, and then piled onto warm corn tortillas. The flavorful adobada (pork), paired with the perfect combination of onions, cilantro, their amazing sauce, pineapple, and a squeeze of lime, creates a burst of flavor in your mouth.

When they ask you “con todo?”, or “with everything?”, your answer should always be yes (if you have no allergies). We’re drooling just thinking about it now — this was our go-to spot after a night of clubbing at XS!

There are currently four locations spread across Las Vegas, so take your pick! Just note that the one on S Las Vegas Blvd tends to be busy at all times. It may look like a zoo in there, but the lines move rather quickly.

Coronado Cafe at South Point Casino

When we were still partying well into the wee hours of the morning, South Point was our #1 spot whenever we felt like eating steak and eggs. Sure, it’s a bit further away from the Strip than some of the other places on the list, but the deals you could find there (especially their graveyard specials) were so worth the taxi/Uber cost!

The 24-hour coffee shop has an expansive American menu that offers breakfast, lunch, or dinner, as well as a Chinese kitchen that offers authentic Chinese food beginning at 11 AM until midnight. We always got there too late to catch the Chinese food, but we can say that the American breakfasts at 3-4 AM definitely hit the spot!

You can find late-night specials offered from 12 AM to 6AM, which include Buttermilk Biscuits & Gravy for $3.45, N.Y. Steak and Eggs (with hash browns and toast) for $6.45, and lots more! The deals make this late-night restaurant so worth it.

Herbs & Rye

It’s not easy to find a steakhouse that closes at 3 AM in Las Vegas. But Herbs & Rye fills that gap!

For those of you who are not yet in the know just yet, this unpretentious gem pays homage to both classic cocktail and steakhouse cultures. Tucked inside an unsuspecting building on West Sahara Avenue, this relatively new addition to the late-night food scene is such a treat to dine at. It’s where you’ll want to go if you want to take your fourth meal up a notch or two!

Here’s a little secret about this place — they’ve got a really awesome happy hour where they do half-off specials, including steaks! It’s the same great food they serve during the day, but at late-night prices!

While their menu is quite extensive, some of the happy hour specials you can look forward to include spicy mussels, littleneck clams, cacio e pepe pasta, linguine with clams, and a whole section of steaks — filet mignon and ribeye included! You really can’t beat it!

Their cocktails are also a must-try; they treat cocktails as an art form here. I recommend trying a cocktail that has egg white in it (they make them delicious!) or an Old Fashioned, paired with a 16-oz ribeye!

Ping Pang Pong

Ping Pang Pong

First off, don’t let the weird (almost racist-sounding) name throw you off course. This Gold Coast Casino restaurant is a hidden gem! If roast duck, dim sum, and pan fried noodles are your vibe, head here now!

There aren’t a lot of late-night Chinese food spots (let alone late-night spots that serve dim dum), so Ping Pang Pong is a real treasure for those of us who want nothing but a bowl of jook and a basket of hot, steamy dim sum late at night!

Ping Pang Pong is a sweet combination of great value, fast service, and reasonable prices. We think you’ll have a pretty satisfying experience without breaking the bank.

Village Pub at Ellis Island Casino and Brewery

Village Pub Cafe Prime Rib Ellis Island
The King Cut Prime Rib

Ellis Island Hotel Casino and Brewery is known for its amazing food deals. And on top of that, there’s a restaurant that’s open 24/7 — all day, everyday. To get your food fix at the randomest hours of the night, you’ll want to head over to the Village Pub restaurant, bets known for their prime rib specials and steak specials.

If you browse their promotions page, you’ll find a variety of food promos at any given time. Here are a few that I’m seeing at the time of writing:

  • Free Famous Steak Special – Play 200 Base Points and receive a free Steak Special! Available for new Players Club members on the same gaming date as you sign up for the Players Club.
  • $9.99 Top Sirloin Steak Special – Enjoy a 10 oz. top sirloin steak served with your choice of potato or rice, garlic green beans, and homemade soup or salad. Redeem this offer with your “Play $5, Get $2” coupon, available on the kiosk when you play $5 with your Passport Players Club card.

Shokku Ramen

If you’re in the mood for ramen instead of breakfast foods, steaks, or American food, you’ll be glad to know that Shokku Ramen will be at your service 24/7. That’s right, this restaurant is open all day every day!

They have some really creative ramen dishes such as the ‘Surf and Turf Ramen’ and ‘Da Oxtail’. But also if ramen just isn’t your thing, they also have fried rice dishes and fun appetizers like shrimp pops, shumai, chicken karaage, Super Saiyan nachos, and gyoza.


For late-night yakitori, no one does it better than Hachi! They close at 2:30 AM, so if you happen to end your night in Vegas on the ‘earlier’ side, you can make it for some deliciously made skewered meats paired with sake if you wish.

Even though the restaurant specializes in yakitori, they also have other things to eat such as sashimi, garlic toro carpaccio, handrolls, takoyaki, miso soup, and even a sinfully large honey toast dessert.

Everything at Hachi is great, plus the fact that it’s one of the most affordable izakayas in Vegas doesn’t hurt either.


Hwaro 2 KBBQ Las Vegas
Courtesy of Hwaro

Being huge fans of all-you-can-eat KBBQ, we are big fans of trying new KBBQ spots in Vegas whenever possible. But in the end, our friends and I continuously find ourselves going back to Hwaro. I’ve been to Hwaro more times than I can count. This spot hits the spot!

The quality of meat is consistently good, and in all honesty, higher quality than most other AYCE KBBQ places in Vegas. Between Hwaro and Master Kim’s, both are go-to spots when we dine with friends who want a protein fix. Considering the price-to-quality ratio, this place is hard to beat.

Now before you hop into your car and drive to your nearest Hwaro, it’s important to note that there are actually two locations with different closing times. One of them closes at 12am while the other remains open til 3am. The late-night location is Hwaro #2.

They have late-night special pricing too! At the time of writing, they have happy hour pricing on drinks from Monday to Friday and Late-Night AYCE pricing from Mondays to Thursdays.

The menus are also going to be slightly different by location! Hwaro #1 is going to have a more Japanese-forward menu while Hwaro #2 has a more Korean-forward menu with specials like soju and beer towers.

Phở Kim Long Restaurant

Phở Kim Long is a classic when it comes to late-night restaurants near the Las Vegas Strip! Located in Chinatown on Spring Mountain Road, this staple is open until 4:30 AM on weekends. It’s always busy, but they get people in and out of there quickly so you’re never stuck waiting for too long.

It might not be the most out-of-this-world pho, but it definitely does the trick after a long night of partying. I can remember many drunken nights here, which in hindsight, was always a really good idea. Pho is a great way to replenish your body of its nutrients after a night of raging.

If you don’t end up coming here late at night, you’ll probably make your way here in the morning at some point in an attempt to cure yourself of the hangover!

The Golden Tiki

The Golden Tiki

Within the same plaza as Pho Kim Long is Golden Tiki, a hidden gem of a place to get tiki drinks and pupu’s 24/7!

For drinks, there’s as tiki as you can get. You can take your pick between tiki favorites such as the Mai Tai, Painkiller, Banana Batida, Navy Grog, Piranha Punch, and more. There’s even a spiked Dole Soft Serve!

The foods here are pretty good too — you can choose between tiki chips and dip, crab rangoon, coconut shrimp, mermaid, hot tots, Kalua pig sliders, Hawaiian mac salad, and a lot more. For people who come super hungry, you can opt for the surfboard pupu platter which combines a few of the food menu items into one massive platter.

If strong tiki drinks, yummy island-inspired food, and live music / a DJ are not enough to keep you entertained, there’s also keno here!

Other Late Night Restaurants: Honorable Mentions

Born and Raised – Another 24-hour institution with locations all over Vegas. Their mac and cheese bites are great and we’re not usually big fans of mac and cheese! They’ve got classic American food like sliders, smash burgers, garlic parm wings (not super saucy which we like), fish and chip sliders, nachos, etc.

888 Japanese BBQ / 888 Korean BBQ – We couldn’t officially add this to the list since they close at midnight. But this is another fantastic AYCE KBBQ spot. Similar to Hwaro, there’s a Japanese menu-forward location and a Korean menu-forward location.

Taco y Taco – Great no-frills street tacos in Henderson, they are open til 11ish.

Industry 13 Karaoke & Bar – You should only come here if you want to sing while eating delicious Korean food! They’re open until 5am.

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