Mac King Comedy Show Las Vegas

The Mac King Comedy Magic Show

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In A Nutshell

The Mac King Comedy Magic Show is a 70-minute spectacle that has earned Mac King the title of the #1 comedy magician worldwide. Combining quick wit, flawless sleight-of-hand, and an array of quirky acts involving live animals and audience participation, King’s family-friendly humor, Southern charm, and offbeat showmanship make for a laughter-filled time.

Mac King Comedy Show Las Vegas


Thunderland Showroom, Excalibur

Show Length / Time Needed

70 minutes

Discount Tickets & Promo Codes

Tickets starting at $45 USD + fees

What You Need To Know

Prepare to be spellbound and entertained as Mac King, the reigning king of comedy magic in Las Vegas, takes the stage with a 70-minute show that’s both comedy and magic!

Mac King’s unique blend of quick wit, impeccable sleight-of-hand, and humorous antics has solidified his position as the longest-running and funniest magician in the city.

In each performance, Mac King captivates audiences with an array of tricks that defy expectations. From fishing lines cast over the heads of the audience and plucking live goldfish out of mid-air to incredible stunts involving a grizzly bear and his pet guinea pig, his sleight-of-hand tricks will leave you questioning the laws of physics!

Live animals become part of the act, with a worm, a goldfish, and the newest addition, Colonel Sanders the white guinea pig, making delightful appearances. Volunteers from the crowd will also step onto the stage, providing genuine and awestruck reactions to King’s astonishing tricks.

Unlike many modern magic acts, King relies little on technology and ingeniously engineered props. Instead, he dazzles with the extraordinary achieved through seemingly ordinary means, capturing the essence of magic that exceeds expectations under seemingly impossible circumstances.

  • Tickets starting at $45 USD + fees
  • 70 minutes – No intermission
  • Group offers available
  • Playing from Tuesday – Saturday 3:00 PM
  • For audiences 5 years and older

Get a sneak peek of the show:

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