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Starting with the visionary minds of Bernie Yuman, Baz Halpin and Michael Curry, Awakening has captured a massive audience with its combination of dramatic choreography, fantastical creatures, original musical score, and narration by none other than Anthony Hopkins.



Awakening Theater, Wynn Las Vegas

Show Length / Time Needed

80 minutes

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Tickets starting at $99 USD + fees

What You Need To Know

Set inside the most technologically advanced theater in the world, Awakening is Wynn’s brand-new spectacular production that will have you gasping in awe and delight with its dazzling visuals, compelling narrative, and a touch of lighthearted comedy.

The show unfolds on a 60-foot, 360-degree prismatic stage—an architectural wonder that undulates and expands with the movements of the characters. This immersive setup takes the audience on a journey where the boundaries between fantasy and reality blur.

At the core of Awakening is a hero’s quest to confront the forces of Light and Darkness. The protagonist, known as IO, encounters a diverse cast of characters, both human and fantastical, as she navigates the challenges that unfold in her mission to reunite opposing forces and save the world.

The show is a collaborative masterpiece conceived by entertainment legends. Bernie Yuman, Baz Halpin, and Michael Curry, the acclaimed puppet master, have crafted a production that pushes the boundaries of live theater. Renowned for his work on The Lion King on Broadway, Michael Curry introduces larger-than-life puppets that spring to life around the audience with their heroic scale and lifelike movements.

Anthony Hopkins narrates the enthralling storyline, too! Amid the grand narrative, comedic moments provided by characters like Boo and Bandit bring a touch of humor and friendship to the storyline. The diverse cast, human and otherwise, ensures a dynamic and engaging performance.

Awakening at Wynn Las Vegas promises to be a transformative theater experience, where cutting-edge technology meets creative brilliance, making it a must-see event in the vibrant landscape of Las Vegas entertainment!

  • Tickets starting at $99 USD + fees
  • 80 minutes – No intermission
  • Playing from: Sun & Mon at 7 p.m. Tue, Fri & Sat at 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.
  • For audiences 5 years and older

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