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KÀ By Cirque du Soleil

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In A Nutshell

KÀ by Cirque du Soleil invites you to witness an unprecedented, gravity-defying production that takes the art of storytelling to a whole new level. KÀ unfolds as an epic tale of love and conflict. The plot revolves around divided twins, the acrobatic protagonists of this daring quest, who navigate a world filled with peril at every turn. Relentlessly pursued by spearmen and archers, their adventures unfold against the backdrop of KÀ’s constantly evolving plot.

Cirque du Soleil KA Las Vegas


KÀ Theatre at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

Show Length / Time Needed

90 minutes – No intermission

Discount Tickets & Promo Codes

Tickets starting at $69 USD + fees

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What You Need To Know

Prepare to be transported into a realm of unparalleled wonder at KÀ by Cirque du Soleil, where you get to witness 80 international artists alongside one of the grandest stages EVER created, at none other than the KÀ Theatre at MGM Grand.

You’re in for a heroic saga of love and conflict, presented within ever-changing theatrical landscapes that conjure an entire empire right before your eyes.

At the heart of this gravity-defying production is a colossal, 360-degree rotating stage—an unprecedented performance space that forms the backdrop for a cinematic journey of aerial adventure and perpendicular acrobatics. You read that right… perpendicular — like vertical!

As a matter of fact, the entire theater is equipped with impressive railings that the performers use during the show, so expect a truly immersive, 360-degree show. There will be stuff happening ALL around you.

KA Theater - Cirque du Soleil KA Las Vegas
Courtesy of Cirque du Soleil

As the narrative of KÀ unfolds, danger lurks at every turn for the separated Twins, the acrobatic heroes of this fantasy adventure. Archers and Spearmen relentlessly hunt them, while mysterious giant sea creatures they encounter prove to be more silly than menacing.

There are tender moments of shadow puppetry, as well as crazy acrobatics in the form of man-powered flying machines and majestic creatures flying around the forest on Bungees.

As you can see, this show is going to be a roller coaster of ALL the emotions — it’ll be gripping, heartwarming, and funny at times!

Crafted and directed by acclaimed theater and film director Robert Lepage, KÀ is more than a show—it’s the coming of age of a young man and a young woman through encounters with love, conflict, and the duality of KÀ, the fire that can unite or separate, destroy or illuminate.

  • Tickets starting at $69 USD + fees
  • 90 minutes – No intermission
  • Group offers available
  • VIP Experience including impressive backstage tour available
  • Playing from Saturday to Wednesday
  • For audiences 3 years and older
  • The use of cameras and audio/video devices are strictly prohibited (and they mean it)

Pro Tip

We recommend booking tickets in advance—it’s a popular show, so certain showtimes and good seats get booked up quickly. Plan to arrive a bit early to soak in the pre-show ambiance, grab drinks/snacks, and find your seats. And yes, splurge a bit on those tickets because this is an investment in an experience that will stay with you long after the curtain falls!

Watch the KÀ trailer:

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