Cheap Prime Rib Specials In Las Vegas

8 Cheap Prime Rib Specials In Las Vegas

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Vegas has a reputation for being expensive. Especially on the Las Vegas Strip. There, you’ll find all the Michelin-starred fine dining restaurants, drinks that cost upwards of $20 a pop, bottle service marked up 10x, and lots of other belligerently priced goods for sale.

But off The Strip? It’s a whole different story. You won’t need to rack up debt in Vegas when you head off-Strip!

If there’s one thing Papu loves, it’s food. If there’s one thing I love, it’s the deals. Put that together and what do you get? A couple that’s always in search of the best food deals!

Whenever we’re exploring new destinations, we are constantly stopping to look at restaurants. Even when we’re not hungry, we like to see what’s on the menu “for next time”. Over the years, we’ve stumbled on some pretty wild food deals in Vegas.

Our favorites by far are the steak and eggs (or “steggs”) deals and the prime rib specials! Yes, some truly great prime rib specials cost less than $25. There’s even a spot that has a daily prime rib special for $8.99!

While you won’t find fine-dining quality meats at these restaurants, they sure get the job done. Our personal favorite? Primarily Prime Rib at South Point — their prices are so reasonable, and somehow, they manage to maintain the high quality of the food and the service.

Primarily Prime Rib South Point

Here are our top recommended spots for the best prime rib specials in Las Vegas.

Note: As businesses change how they operate from time to time, be sure to check their websites for the latest specials, prices, and operating hours.

Primarily Prime Rib at South Point

Primarily Prime Rib Las Vegas

When you get tired of the normal Vegas restaurant prices but still want a satisfying meal, Primarily Prime Rib is the spot.

Drive away from the Las Vegas Strip and you’ll eventually get to South Point Casino (our favorite hotel for late-night steak and eggs!). You’ll find Primarily Prime Rib here, a haven for prime rib lovers seeking a satisfying and affordable dining experience.

The menu boasts a selection of five prime rib cuts, meticulously dry-aged to ensure optimum tenderness and slow-roasted to perfection. The South Point Cut (a popular 10oz option) is $24.95 on the lower range, while The Cowboy Cut (a hefty 26oz double-cut with the bone) will run you $48.95.

Each prime rib entrée is thoughtfully accompanied by a choice of Prime Salad, Spinach Salad, or a Cup of Soup, along with options for Baked or Mashed Potatoes, and Seasonal Vegetables.

For a unique twist, you can also opt for the indulgent Prime Rib Chili, a house-made creation simmered with diced prime rib and red beans, topped with grated cheddar and jack cheese, chopped onions, and served in a tortilla cup with a dollop of sour cream.

Address: 977 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89183

Jerry’s Famous Coffee Shop At Jerry’s Nugget Casino

Jerry’s Famous Coffee Shop Prime Rib

Located just one mile away from Downtown Las Vegas is Jerry’s Nugget Casino, home to Jerry’s Famous Coffee Shop! This spot is a local’s favorite when it comes to prime rib deals.

Unlike other places that have prime rib specials one day a week, you can get the prime rib special every day of the week at Jerry’s.

They offer two cuts of prime rib — the English Cut Prime Rib for $22.99 or the Thick Cut Prime Rib for $46.99. Your entree will be served with horseradish, your choice of potato or full ear of corn, and your choice of soup or salad.

If you happen to go on a Friday and like clam chowder, you’re in luck because that’s the soup of the day! Their house salad is also a surprisingly yummy option.

Address: 1821 Las Vegas Boulevard, North, North Las Vegas, NV 89030

Village Pub at Ellis Island Casino and Brewery

Village Pub Cafe Prime Rib Ellis Island
The King Cut Prime Rib

Ellis Island Hotel Casino and Brewery is known for its amazing food deals. In terms of prime rib, you’ll want to head over to the Village Pub restaurant — they have a King Cut Prime Rib for 26.99. This meal is essentially a slow-roasted prime rib, served with au jus and garlic green beans.

But if you’d like to level up your prime rib dinner, they offer one more tier in the steak game — the Double Cut Prime Rib. At 32 oz., this goliath of a meal is a not-so-well-kept secret that your server will be happy to help you indulge in. Just ask them about it!

They also have a Prime Rib French Dip for $14.99, made up of shaved prime rib dipped in hot au jus, piled high on a toasted roll, and served with your choice of steak fries or homemade coleslaw.

If you browse their promotions page, you’ll find a variety of other food promos at any given time. Here are a few that I’m seeing at the time of writing:

  • Free Famous Steak Special – Play 200 Base Points and receive a free Steak Special! Available for new Players Club members on the same gaming date as you sign up for the Players Club.
  • $9.99 Top Sirloin Steak Special – Enjoy a 10 oz. top sirloin steak served with your choice of potato or rice, garlic green beans, and homemade soup or salad. Redeem this offer with your “Play $5, Get $2” coupon, available on the kiosk when you play $5 with your Passport Players Club card.

Address: ‍4178 Koval Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Siegel’s 1941 at El Cortez

Siegel’s 1941 at El Cortez is old-school cool, with a twist of sophisticated style. They offer a pretty amazing prime rib special that’s equal parts affordable and delectable. At just $16.95, the prime rib meal comes with a prime rib complete with baked potato and various vegetables.

The offer runs all day long, so there’s no need to run there at a certain time to try and snag a slice before they run out!

Their prime rib usually costs $33 for the queen cut and $40 for the king cut, so we’d say this is a pretty sweet deal.

PRO TIP: The $16.95 prime rib special isn’t on the menu so make sure you ask for it when ordering from the waiter!

Rainbow Club Casino

On Saturday nights from 4 to 10 PM, head over to Rainbow Club Casino for a complete 4-course Prime Rib Meal Deal dinner!

Their 4-course meal comes with an appetizer (shrimp cocktail), a choice of soup or salad, the prime rib entree with creamed horseradish, corn on the cob, and potato, as well as a dessert. All for $18.99!

Address: 122 S Water St Henderson, NV 89015

Market Street Cafe

Market Street Cafe Prime Rib Dinner

Market Street Cafe, tucked away in The California Hotel & Casino, is the place to be if you’re looking for tasty Hawaiian cuisine and their famous prime rib dinner.

The prime rib, served from 4pm to 10pm, is listed under the menu section titled “Specials That Made Us Famous” (along with two others dishes, Short Ribs and Butterfish). The prime rib dinner comes with salad and dessert for $18.99.

People also go here for their famous oxtail soup that you have to taste for yourself! Heads up though, the oxtail soup is only available from 9pm to closing! They also serve Zippy’s award-winning chili here. If you know, you KNOW!

PRO TIP: Order the prime rib one level rarer than you would, as it tends to come out a bit more overcooked than other places.

Address: 12 E Ogden Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Magnolia’s Veranda at Four Queens

Since 1966, Four Queens has been known for their ten ounce cut slow-roasted prime rib served with horseradish and au jus. Today, Magnolia’s offers the “Magnolia’s Famous Prime Rib” for $25.99.

To make it a deal, sign up for a Four Queens players card (for free), then use it at the register when you pay to get a 10% discount. Sometimes, the discount is even more if they’re holding a limited-time promotion.

Address: 202 Fremont Street, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Tony Roma’s

While we normally wouldn’t recommend people to go out of their way to dine at Tony Roma’s on Fremont Street, we do want to shine light on the fact that they’ve got an unbeatable prime rib special. Tony Roma’s somehow kept the “Old Vegas” prices while everyone else’s prime rib deals have kept up with inflation!

Their prime rib special is served with a choice of potato and assortments of vegetables, including peas.

The prime rib special runs daily from 4:30pm-6:30pm. Do try to show up early because there can be quite a wait during the prime rib special hours. As long as you get seated by 6:30pm, you can get the prime rib special! We’d recommend getting in line no later than 5pm.

If you’re looking for the cheapest prime rib meal possible, then Tony Roma’s is for you. But if you’re in search of a balance between quality and price, we’d recommend going with another one of our picks above.

Address: 200 E Fremont Street Las Vegas, NV 89101

Other Ways To Enjoy Prime Rib

Aside from going to one of the restaurants on this list, the next easiest (and most economical) way to enjoy a few fat slabs of prime rib is at a buffet. There’s usually a carving station at buffets, so prime rib is almost always on the menu.

Having said that, we’ll be honest. We don’t actually think these prime ribs taste all that great. The majority of the time (even at the high-end buffets on The Strip), they’re a bit too overcooked or too tough for us.

Just this year alone, we’ve dined at Garden Buffet at South Point, AYCE Buffet at Palms Casino Resort, Bacchanal at Caesars Palace, and more — none of the prime ribs have hit right.

For all-you-can-eat meats, I’d actually recommend going to a place that specializes in high-quality meats. If you are open to an AYCE (all you can eat) restaurant and want good meats, go to Texas de Brazil at Town Square.

The Bottom Line

We covered a lot. If you’re lost and can’t seem to pick just one prime rib special to try, we recommend you start with either Primarily Prime Rib at South Point or Siegel’s 1941 at El Cortez. These spots offer the most bang for your buck.

But we want you to know that we’ve only covered a small handful of all the prime rib joints in Vegas!

If money is not an issue and you’re willing to spend a little more on great prime rib meal, then we’d recommend some of these other top prime rib restaurants in Las Vegas:

  • Lawry’s The Prime Rib ($$$)
  • Golden Steer ($$$$)
  • Top of Binion’s Steakhouse ($$$$)
  • Hugo’s Cellar ($$$$)

Discover the full list of our favorite top-rated prime rib restaurants in Vegas here.

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