Popovich Comedy Pet Theater

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In A Nutshell

The Popovich Comedy Pet Theater is a family-oriented blend of the unique comedy and circus skills of Gregory Popovich, and the talents of his furry co-stars. All performing pets were rescued from animal shelters and now enjoy life in the limelight with their co-star, Gregory.

Popovich Comedy Pet Theater


V Theater, Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood

Show Length / Time Needed

70 minutes

Discount Tickets & Promo Codes

Tickets starting at $29 USD + fees

What You Need To Know

Prepare to be delighted by the charming and heartwarming Popovich Comedy Pet Theater in Las Vegas! This family-friendly show features the incredible talents of Gregory Popovich and his furry friends, including dogs, cats, birds, a miniature horse, and more.

As the show unfolds, you’ll witness a delightful blend of comedy, circus acts, and adorable animal performances. From juggling and gymnastics to acrobatics and jump rope routines, there’s something for everyone furry friend lover to laugh and melt over. Gregory Popovich, a fifth-generation circus performer, takes center stage alongside his talented pets, captivating audiences with his skills and endearing personality.

Each pet has a unique and amazing backstory, having been rescued from animal shelters and given a new lease on life. Throughout the show, you’ll be amazed by the extraordinary abilities of the animals and touched by their heartwarming stories of resilience and transformation.

Plus, with Gregory Popovich’s extensive experience in the circus world and his commitment to animal welfare, you can rest assured that you’re in for a high-quality and ethical entertainment experience.

  • Tickets starting at $29 USD + fees
  • 70 minutes – No intermission
  • Playing from Tuesday to Saturday at 2:30pm
  • No age restrictions. Lap sitting is allowed for children ages 2 and under.
  • The use of cameras and audio/video devices are strictly prohibited, and smoking is not allowed in the theater.

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